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Shutters remain a symbol of style, elegance and functionality

Shutters were originally created to solve problems with light control, ventilation and also protection. They are said to have originated from ancient Greece, where they were constructed using fixed marble slats. Even today, fixed louvered shutters remain a popular part of Greek architecture

Eventually wood began to replace marble as a more suitable material for manufacture, as wood allowed for the invention of movable louver shutter blades. This created a better way to diffuse and control light. Shutters were introduced to the New World when the Spanish started colonizing the Americas. Their popularity spread and soon decadent plantation mansions in the South used shutters, hence the term ‘plantation shutters’

The plantation shutters on cotton plantations were usually made with wider louvers than earlier shutters and almost always were painted white. Plantation shutters have traveled far from its origins in ancient Greece, evolving along the way. Proving how their adaptability has made them a symbol of style, elegance and functionality

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